Network design & Infrastructure

Our team can manage your network infrastructure design and implementation from the ground up, connecting multiple sites, bringing up new locations and powering the business systems your company needs to thrive.


You need high-performing core network infrastructure

Uncover and address weaknesses in your security

Our team can manage your network infrastructure design and implementation from the ground up, connecting multiple sites, bringing up new locations and powering the business systems your company needs to thrive. Our senior network infrastructure consultants and engineers have years of experience in architecting and designing cloud, on-premises, and hybrid cloud infrastructures that are aligned to specific business goals and models. Every infrastructure is unique to each client but aims for the same goal: optimized operations and security.

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Wireless Network Implementation

Doing it right the first time, requires decades of experience with the products and technology.

We help define architectures that suit your deployment needs, whether it is from dense classroom environments to scattered suburban campuses, or deploying wireless in Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing. Etc.

Wireless Security Solutions

Most comprehensive solutions for Mobility and Wireless

Security in wireless is of paramount importance and choosing the right security solution is key to having a secure wireless network, via real time scans and logical end point segmentation, we not only mitigate malicious activity and rogue Access Points in the network, but also ensure superior Wi-Fi Performance and end device efficiency.

Mobile Device Management

Secure, manage and monitor any device that accesses corporate data.

Protect valuable company data by ensuring that mobile devices accessing your network securely & managed.

Structured Cabling

Accommodate the rising need for speed and more bandwidth.

Installing Pinbolt's structured cabling will improve the speed, performance and reliability of your business’s network. A structured cabling system can support your business’s data, video and media needs, so you can get the most out of your network if you need to expand.

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Businesses are sending more and more data through their networks, and it’ll only increase as more tools and technology enter the workplace. Your cabling infrastructure needs to support it. Sticking with point-to-point cabling means you run the risk of longer downtime every time an issue arrives. If you’re outgrowing your old network cabling, or if you just want to maximize your business’s potential, it’s time to bring structured cabling solutions into play!

Performance Monitoring

Visualize, monitor, optimize, troubleshoot and report on the service quality of your network

Network Performance Monitoring solutions traditionally collected data from a variety of sources: SNMP, flow data, and packets. Each provides a different perspective on the problem that when combined, provides the complete picture. Our Network Performance Monitoring appliances may be used on premises, in the cloud, or both for maximum visibility.

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Our Approach

Reasons you can rely on us

The latest cyberoffensive intelligence to identify and address security risks

Defending against cyber threats requires an in-depth understanding of how attackers operate. Our extensive experience of conducting pen testing, red teaming and other ethical hacking engagements around the world means we have first-hand knowledge of the latest adversarial tactics and wide-ranging insight into how to safeguard against them.

We meet our clients’ security needs with guidance that’s actionable and effective

By working closely with your team and applying our extensive experience across a range of industries we better understand the challenges facing your organisation. You can rely on our UK-based specialists to reduce the burden of security management and deliver the outcomes you need.

We strive to deliver the highest levels of support and exceed expectations

Our friendly and responsive team is always on hand to provide the support you need, whenever you need it. We have won awards for the quality of our service and always put our clients’ needs first.

We’re not constrained by one set of tools so can select the best for each client

Some managed security service providers are inflexible in their approach to the technologies they use. At Pinbolt, we select the best tools for each of our clients and manage these via a single unified platform.

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